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3 ways to make your ads more appealing!

Do you want your advertisement to have more click rate? If yes, pay attention to the followings tactics.

#1 Decide the form of advertising

The forms of advertising vary from traditional television, newspaper or magazine advertisements to the prevalence of digital marketing. Advertising nowadays is not only limited to TVC or newspaper, but diverges in multiple ways. In order to launch excellent advertising, we have to decide the form of advertising. Forms of digital marketing includes: establishing social media platforms, writing posts and comments, inviting KOLs for promotion videos and posts.

sabrinapingping_ (230k followers)

Lizzy Daily (366k subscriber)

Compare with traditional marketing, digital marketing enjoys the benefits of flexibility, lower cost and reach the younger market. In addition, digital marketing has high diversity, which allows marketers to adjust the promotion to fit into current market trends.

Bigen TV Advertisement Sprite TV Advertisement - Black Pink

#2 Determine the target group

Before launching an advertisement, the content's target audience should be well established, and then written according to its characteristics. Preferences vary from different age group and gender; for instance, girls prefer reading beauty-related content, while boys prefer automobile or watches related topics. Moreover, in terms of design and layout, girls like warm tone colour, such as pink, purple and light blue. In addition, if the target group is the young market, we can choose more creative and trendy themes to attract their attention.

Hada Labo Hong Kong(Female) Kowloon Watch Co (Male)

TamJai SamGor (Young People)

#3 Find out related keywords.

Before we make our purchase decision, most of us will search online and look for comments or click on the product's website for more information. If we insert popular keywords related to our topic, we can rise in rank on Google and other search engines, reaching our target audience through matching the corresponding keyword.

Computer Repair Decoration

To find out more about successful content marketing, you can go to "PR Marketing" to learn more!


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